Unique Merch Mobile App! (Updated Post)

This is not a real app in any app store (that I know of) but merely an idea.

I’ve seen on Tumblr and some music blog sites of people asking about tour merch. If anyone has pictures of merch tables, what kind of stuff they have up, prices of everything. Some people post photos but I’ve never seen anyone go into more detail than that.

Upost Merch (creative name, I know) is the mobile app where fans can post up photos and information about bands’ merchandise on every tour they’re doing! This app is a community based in terms that its users are the ones that post information for everyone to use.


  • Upost Merch home screen is a simple navigation screen that allows you to simply stroll through the app.
  • Submit link is where users will send in their photos and content, then a moderator will review submissions and post info.
  • The photos tab will be organized by complete tour package and by band.
  • Site admins will update playlists ranging from “Admin’s Faves of the Month” to “Top 20 bands you need to see at Warped Tour this summer”

This app will answer most people’s question of “How much money will I need to have for this show?” Again, tour merch is where a lot of ‘indie’ level bands make their money so if we can help communicate this information to attendees of latter shows of tours, it could help boost sales and feed those lovely Merch guys and gals that we see hanging out behind the tables.

– Des


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