SXSW Tote Patchwork

With the almighty music and film festival South By South West just around the corner, I’m sure you’ll be loaded up with more free shit than you could possibly want. I thought you could use a DIY to help you utilize something I see get handed out a lot. I got this nifty little tote bag from the SXSW Artery Showdown last year at Red7.

vest 2

Because I am a ‘typical’ girl, I have waayyy too many purses and bags to begin with so I’m chopping up this one to make some patches! 90’s grunge Double Down Denim style is back with a vengeance so why the hell not style your jean jacket with patches, buttons, and other crap?

  1. Cut around stitching to separate bag into two pieces.
  2. Cut out band name(s) you want to add as patches (I choose Vanna and A Lot Like Birds for my vest and I gave the Attila one to my friend).   vest1vest5
  3. Since the bag is made of recycled nylon, you cannot simply iron on the pieces because THEY WILL MELT. So this is where you’ll need a crafty friend (or mother in my case, thanks mum).
  4. Sew on pieces to desired area and bam, kewl new patches to show off at the next show!

vest4 vest3

I do have the following leftover if you’re interested in having one!

  • Artery Foundation
  • Asking Alexandria
  • A Skylit Drive
  • Motionless In White
  • Chelsea Grin
  • Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
  • For The Fallen Dreams
  • Abandon All Talent (I mean Ships, oh vey!)
  • The Crimson Armada
  • Casino Madrid
  • Deadhand
  • Namesake

– Des


I recently went to the Every Time I Die tour that Vanna is on and Davey (Lead Vocals) and Joel (Guitar/Vocals) recognized and loved my patch from the social media networks I posted on! Talk about a super fangirl moment!

Tumblr post

Instagram Post


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