Everything Lumps

Everyone knows this iconic logo from punk band Descendents right?


If you do, let’s be friends. If you don’t, then you need to crawl from under that mainstream rock you’re hiding under.

Annnywaaayyyssss, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club created a collection based off of the infamous Milo artwork in a series deemed Adventure Time Punx. Silver Sprocket is based out the San Francisco area and pledges “to consistently release an eclectic array of quality punk and indie related projects such as records, clothing, toys and random bad ideas, in the comfort of their matching members-only bicycle club jackets.”

Well, this collection is no different. Deck out your denim with patches, buttons and back patches then plaster your laptop/binder/locker/city hall with stickers. Hell they even have shirts too!



I’m ordering some of this lumping stuff as I type this!

Get some for yourself already, will ya?

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club //

Adventure Time Punx Collection
Main Store

– Des


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