No Sleep Records Annual Vinyl Subscription

If you’re into the Indie, Alternative, Pop-punk, Punk, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore or Metal genres, you probably noticed there’s been an increasing interest in vinyl. I’m not too sure why to be perfectly honest with you. Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing? Your parents still might have a collection they started when they were our age and hell, they may even still play their records even once and a while. I hate to use this term, but it could possibly be a ‘hipster’ trend also… I mean grandpa sweaters, denim jackets, and cardigans made a comeback right?

Regardless, vinyl do give off a richer tone than any basic iPod could and they’re typically more affordable than a Bose system running you $90-$200 at Walmart from any basic turntable to a retro rig.

Whatever your reason for taking an interest in vinyl, you can find almost any artist is releasing their work on LPs. If you’re into any of the genres mentioned above, then No Sleep Records may have something for you. Founded in 2006, this independent label has set out to continuously bring out new music to be discovered. One of the ways they are bringing you new music is by their annual Vinyl Subscription.


One time fee that gives you every 7″, 10″, and 12″ you can think of! No, I’m joking but you do get every single No Sleep 2013 release shipped straight to your door for $225 plus a one time shipping fee that covers you for the entire year. I don’t about you but that pretty fucking rad. They even have leftovers from last year that come with B-side labels, a watch, carabiner, koozie, and slipmat. Cool! 

Current releases and pre-orders below:


Allison Weiss | Making It Up 7″


Broadway Calls | Comfort/Distraction 12″
(Pre-order, Available 2/05/2013)


The Wonder Years | Sleeping on Trash: A Collection of Songs Recorded 2005-2010 12″
(Pre-order, Available 2/12/2013)


Balance and Composure, Braid | Split 7″
(Pre-order, Available 2/26/2013)


Hundredth | Revolt EP 12″
(Pre-order, Available 3/19/2013)


No Sleep Records //


-Xx Destiny


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