What Unique Merch is all about!

Hey classmates and warriors of the interwebz!

My name is Destiny and I’m beyond stoked for this blog project. The reason I chose my topic is that I’m a regular attendee to concerts and shows in the Pop-Punk, Punk, Indie, Alternative, Post-/Hardcore, and Metal scene, so I’ve seen a lot of band merch! With digital downloading, its becoming harder for lesser known bands and artists to make money off of people buying their tunes alone, so I wanted to show off the innovative, creative, and (yup you guessed it) unique merchandise some of my favorite bands have come up with!

I’ll also attempt some DIY’s myself I’ve collected through the Internet! I already got a list going, so be sure to check that out!


If you think one of your favorite bands or artists has pretty unique designs, then submit them!

Looking forward to my first project and artist merch showcase!
Have a great weekend!

-Xx Destiny


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