Real Talk SK8

If you wanna up the punx and keep your street sk8 cred, then you need to check out Real Talk Skateboards.

Real Talk Decks

Real Talk was established in May of 2011 and is a small and clothing brand hailing from Ohio and Connecticut. They specialize in creating and designing collaboration skate decks with touring musicians in the Metal, Pop Punk and Hardcore genres. Each deck purchased is made from manufacturers in the United States and financially supports the artists, so you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re cruising on high quality gear that helped your favorite band.

Here are some designs they currently have up for sale from Iwrestledabearonce, This Is Hell, and State Champs. They only make a limited quantity so get yours soon!

IWABOThis Is Hell



Check out some of their previous work on Real Talk’s webstore here

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Your love for music grounded in every step you take

There is always a hunt for the coolest way to represent your favorite bands and artists. Patches, shirts, scarfs, gym shorts, beanies, sweatpants, now custom shoes?

Yup, painters have taken a dip in the DIY world by applying their skills on the ‘new’ canvas of a pair of Vans or Toms. From what I’ve seen floating around the web, prices vary from $50 to $120 depending on how detailed the artwork is. With most artists they are willing to collaborate with customers on what they want to put on their shoes.

Theses are just some of the work a couple of artists have already done. You can honestly search for webstores due to the high interest of this product but here are a couple shops I found I featured in my slideshow.

Art by Carolina Londono //

Slip Offs //

– Des

Community of musicians coming together in light of recent tragedies

There’s no way one person could ever truly know the extent of the damage done by the recent tragedies in Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas unless you are the victims or families of the victims. We could watch every single video, photo, and testimonial possible and it still would not compare to the feeling of direct pain and loss inflicted.

While the painful memories can never be erased, we could all do our part to help in whichever way we can.

Unique Merch Mobile App! (Updated Post)

This is not a real app in any app store (that I know of) but merely an idea.

I’ve seen on Tumblr and some music blog sites of people asking about tour merch. If anyone has pictures of merch tables, what kind of stuff they have up, prices of everything. Some people post photos but I’ve never seen anyone go into more detail than that.

Upost Merch (creative name, I know) is the mobile app where fans can post up photos and information about bands’ merchandise on every tour they’re doing! This app is a community based in terms that its users are the ones that post information for everyone to use.


  • Upost Merch home screen is a simple navigation screen that allows you to simply stroll through the app.
  • Submit link is where users will send in their photos and content, then a moderator will review submissions and post info.
  • The photos tab will be organized by complete tour package and by band.
  • Site admins will update playlists ranging from “Admin’s Faves of the Month” to “Top 20 bands you need to see at Warped Tour this summer”

This app will answer most people’s question of “How much money will I need to have for this show?” Again, tour merch is where a lot of ‘indie’ level bands make their money so if we can help communicate this information to attendees of latter shows of tours, it could help boost sales and feed those lovely Merch guys and gals that we see hanging out behind the tables.

– Des

Every Time I Die Winter 2013 tour

This past Wednesday I went to see a few rad bands play at Austin’s Red 7: No Bragging Rights, Hundredth, Vanna, The Acacia Strain, and Every Time I Die. Needless to say, that show was a banger. It was a bit strange also because it’s been so long since I’ve been to a show that displayed such friendship and brotherhood amongst one another. I did not see a single fight or see any real problems the entire night, even with a negative band like TAS on the lineup. Also, I talked to always lovely Davey Musie and Joel Pastuszak from Vanna after the show and loved my DIY patch I made.

fg1 fg3

Anyways, this isn’t a show review so this is where my digression ends.

I wish I could’ve have taken full shots of all of the bands merch tables but there are two reasons for this.

  1. There was a shit ton of people all night long (I mean the show was sold out so I should have expected it)
  2. I didn’t want to seem creepy

Aside from that I did find Vanna’s merch the best of all the bands from the package, partially because they are in fact my favorite band but also because Nick (guitar) and Bryan (Merch duder extraordinaire) designed almost all of the clothing items. A lot of bands now and days seem to find a generic print or font and run with it (i.e. [name] FUCKING [name] in blocking Impact style font, so original) so whenever I see a band actually design a print for their merch it’s already 10 times better. Nick and Bryan just launched a design company named Brick Designs. They do a lot of Americana style and if you know anything about tattoo styles, it resembles Sailor Jerry traditional style tattooing quite a bit.


Along with their shirt designs, they also had this nifty little koozie that I picked up. What I like about it is the fact that again it’s not some generic Impact lettering print, there’s an actual design to it. Are you catching my pet peeve here? Good! My photo sucks because of the flash but you can still view the one the band themselves posted below. I also bought a beanie from Hundredth. At first glance its nothing special really but these beanies as well as the backpacks they have for this tour run have the keys logo hand stitched onto the fabric. They had Grey, Army Green, Black, and Navy Blue for the beanies and Black, Navy Blue, and Army Green for the backpacks. They only made a limited number of the beanies and backpacks, I believe I bought the very last beanie so grab the backpacks asap! Look at me sporting the beanie in that cute bathroom mirror selfie!




Check out this tour if you can!

2/26 Miami, FL @ Grand Central
2/27 Jacksonville, FL @ Firebird Live
2/28 Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend
3/1 Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
3/2 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
3/3 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
3/5 London, ON @ Rum Runners
3/6 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
3/7 Ottawa, ON @ Ritual Nightclub
3/8 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
3/9 Quebec City, QC @ L’Union Commerciale
3/10 New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
3/11 Albany, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
3/12 Syracuse, NY @ The Lost Horizon
3/13 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
3/14 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
3/15 Boston, MA @ Royale
3/16 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

Every Time I Die merch stores /// 

Band Merch
Merchconnection, Inc.
Allin Merch

The Acacia Strain merch stores ///

Allin Merch

Vanna merch stores ///

Allin Merch
Merchconnection, Inc.

Hundredth merch stores ///

Big Cartel
Merchconnection, Inc.

No Bragging Rights merch stores ///

Consumer Merch
Allin Merch

– Des

Everything Lumps

Everyone knows this iconic logo from punk band Descendents right?


If you do, let’s be friends. If you don’t, then you need to crawl from under that mainstream rock you’re hiding under.

Annnywaaayyyssss, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club created a collection based off of the infamous Milo artwork in a series deemed Adventure Time Punx. Silver Sprocket is based out the San Francisco area and pledges “to consistently release an eclectic array of quality punk and indie related projects such as records, clothing, toys and random bad ideas, in the comfort of their matching members-only bicycle club jackets.”

Well, this collection is no different. Deck out your denim with patches, buttons and back patches then plaster your laptop/binder/locker/city hall with stickers. Hell they even have shirts too!



I’m ordering some of this lumping stuff as I type this!

Get some for yourself already, will ya?

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club //

Adventure Time Punx Collection
Main Store

– Des

SXSW Tote Patchwork

With the almighty music and film festival South By South West just around the corner, I’m sure you’ll be loaded up with more free shit than you could possibly want. I thought you could use a DIY to help you utilize something I see get handed out a lot. I got this nifty little tote bag from the SXSW Artery Showdown last year at Red7.

vest 2

Because I am a ‘typical’ girl, I have waayyy too many purses and bags to begin with so I’m chopping up this one to make some patches! 90’s grunge Double Down Denim style is back with a vengeance so why the hell not style your jean jacket with patches, buttons, and other crap?

  1. Cut around stitching to separate bag into two pieces.
  2. Cut out band name(s) you want to add as patches (I choose Vanna and A Lot Like Birds for my vest and I gave the Attila one to my friend).   vest1vest5
  3. Since the bag is made of recycled nylon, you cannot simply iron on the pieces because THEY WILL MELT. So this is where you’ll need a crafty friend (or mother in my case, thanks mum).
  4. Sew on pieces to desired area and bam, kewl new patches to show off at the next show!

vest4 vest3

I do have the following leftover if you’re interested in having one!

  • Artery Foundation
  • Asking Alexandria
  • A Skylit Drive
  • Motionless In White
  • Chelsea Grin
  • Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
  • For The Fallen Dreams
  • Abandon All Talent (I mean Ships, oh vey!)
  • The Crimson Armada
  • Casino Madrid
  • Deadhand
  • Namesake

– Des


I recently went to the Every Time I Die tour that Vanna is on and Davey (Lead Vocals) and Joel (Guitar/Vocals) recognized and loved my patch from the social media networks I posted on! Talk about a super fangirl moment!

Tumblr post

Instagram Post